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Mammenaxt von Jütland Streitaxt
  • Mammenaxt von Jütland Streitaxt

Mammen-ax of Jutland battle ax

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Ax from bronze from the tenth century from Jutland.

The original axt had silver wire inserts, showing a bird, animals with limbs and other relics.
she dates from the 10th century and is now in the National Museum in Copenhagen. The ax is a tomb-fund.
She was enlarged by 970 AD Zw., During the reign of Harald Blauzahn, placed in the tomb of a Viking.
She has a bronze-fitting with leather winding and wooden handle.
Length with wooden handle approx. 75 cm
The forged ax head is 16 x 9.5 x 3.5 cm made of carbon steel, Rockwell hardness 58 - 59
Weight approx. 1250 g.
The ax is sharp and not suitable for the show.
Price per ax, without the decoration to be seen in the photo.

62 062

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